Baseball Recruiting Information

  • Video tour the baseball field

    Greg Dennis:

    [Coach Dennis standing in front of baseball field]

    Hi, I'm Greg Dennis, and welcome to the Chattanooga State baseball field. I wanted to give you an opportunity to see our field--we're very proud of it.

    We've hosted 2 TCCAA Region tournaments here, as well as an East Central District Championship here.

    [Scenes of players practicing and playing]

    As you can see, the field is spacious. It's made up of hybrid Bermuda grass, the surface is outstanding.

    The dugouts are modern and spacious.

    [Spectators watching game]

    The grandstand seats over 600 people, [View of press box] our press box is Wi-Fi accessible, and we stream all of our games out on YouTube live.

    [Players practicing in turf area]

    We also have a turf area located behind the field, where the infielders and pitchers can work and do individual drills as well as group drills.

    [Camera pans over tennis courts]

    And the tennis courts, located just off to the east of the field, provide us an area we can go in bad weather and still be able to get work done in our groups.

  • Video tour of the locker room

    Greg Dennis:

    [Coach Dennis standing in front of Locker Room]

    Hello, I’m Greg Dennis, and I want to welcome you to the Chattanooga State Baseball locker room.

    We’re very fortunate in this program to have a modern, spacious facility like this for they guys to be able to enjoy.

    [Camera panning locker room]

    Each guy gets his own individual locker. It’s equipped with a storage area for their gloves, shoes, as well as personal items to be able to be secured.

    [Camera panning laundry area]

    We’re also able to all of their laundry here, we do their practice gear as well as game.

    [Camera panning shower and bathroom areas]

    It’s equipped with shower and bathroom facilities to where the guys can certainly make use of that.

    [Camera panning locker room with commemorative jerseys]

    We have commemorative jerseys standing all over the top that you’ll see. Those are from previous year’s teams just to better commemorate those guys.

    [Coach Dennis standing in front of locker room]

    Again, we’re just very fortunate to be able to be in a facility like this and be able to share it with our guys, and hopefully you can see that I think you would enjoy it, too.

  • Video tour of the Hitting Barn

    Greg Dennis:

    [Coach Dennis standing in front of hitting barn]

    Hi, I'm Greg Dennis, and welcome to the Chattanooga State baseball hitting barn. This barn is 90 feet long by 50 feet wide. It provides multiple services in here and allows the guys to be able to come in most any time during the day and get work in, both individually and groupwise.

    [Scenes of players hitting using pitching machine]

    We have an area here where they are able to hit in a live tunnel with a pitching machine or screen where they can throw,

    [Players hitting balls off of tee]

    as well as multiple tee areas to be able to hit,

    [Players in soft toss area]

    and also soft toss areas for the guys.

    [Players practicing]

    We want them to be able to come in morning, noon, or evening and make use of this.

    [Coach Dennis standing in front of hitting barn]

    There is also an indoor mound here, where we're able to have the pitchers throw and do mechanic work, as well as an area for bunting, where we can do small group drills.

    There is also an indoor mound here, where we're able to have the pitchers throw and do mechanic work, as well as an area for bunting, where we can do small group drills.

    So, all in all, it's a wonderful place to be able to come in and make use of.

  • Video Tour of the Conference Room

    Greg Dennis:

    [Coach Dennis standing in baseball conference room]

    Hi, I'm Greg Dennis, and welcome to the Chattanooga State baseball conference room. This room is kind of a multipurpose room for us.

    One, we use it for recruiting. We'll bring in the families, as well as the recruits, and go over the program.

    [Camera pans over players studying]

    We also use it for our study hall. Guys will be in here up to five hours a week.

    [Players using computers]

    It is Wi-fi accessible in here to where they can bring their laptops and make use. We also have desktop computers that they can use, or the can just bring their books in and simply study.

    [Coach Dennis standing in baseball conference room]

    Lastly, we use it for our meeting room. We'll meet with small groups in here, as well as the team as a whole.

    [Camera shot of video projector]

    We can do video analysis in here with individuals or groups.

    [Coach Dennis standing in baseball conference room]

    So, as you can see, this room provides a variety of purposes.

  • Video Tour of Weight Room

    Joe Wingate:

    [Coach Wingate standing in front of weight room]

    I'm joe Wingate assistant baseball coach here at Chattanooga State Community College.

    This is the fitness center weight room, where we do the team strength and conditioning portion of our baseball program.

    [Players working out in weight room]

    We have two parts to our fall season--an on the field and off the field portion.

    When our players are on the field both in the fall and in the spring they do more position-specific strength and conditioning work.

    When we come off the field in the middle of October our team comes together into this weight room to do our team strength and conditioning.

    This program takes place three days a week and it consists of muscular strength, muscular endurance, explosive exercises along with cardiovascular and flexibility training.

    [Players running outside]

    Each player will come in and work out and then go out as a team and run which is also timed and the order of finish is recorded.

    Our players run one two or three miles after every workout.

    [Coach Wingate standing in front of weight room]

    After a couple of weeks we allow the young men to get acclimated to the workload in the weight room.

    We then start out competitive lifting.

    [Players working out in weight room]

    It's called are superstars program and players are ranked according to the level of work at the time in this room and then a tournament-style competition proceeds every Friday--it's again our superstars competition.

    While in the weight room baseball is still going on just not to the level that it was when we were on the field.

    [Coach Wingate standing in front of weight room]

    Mechanic work specific to either hitters or pitchers is taking place, just not nearly at the level that it was.

    [Players working out in weight room]

    We proceed in the weight room with the competition until we have two undefeateds, then compete on the final Friday before the end of our fall semester to be our superstars champion.

    Each player is still competing even after losses to gain the best record that they can as that will go into our final overall player rankings at the end of the fall.

    The weight room is very spacious.

    We can get all of our team in here we make use of the free weights also the machines that we have in the weight room.

    [Coach Wingate standing in front of weight room]

    We're very proud of our weight program.

    We think it provides an advantage to us and we make use of this facility often.

Academic Information

  • Chattanooga State is a fully accredited (SACS) community college with over 50 years of service and education.
  • We recommend that student-athletes take 15 hours per semester at an in-state tuition rate of just over $2400.00 per semester. Out-of-state tuition waivers are also available on a limited basis.
  • Individual academic advising is done by qualified advisors knowledgeable about your athletic and academic situation. A strong emphasis is placed on trying to get the student-athlete to graduate with an Associates Degree.
  • Labs (math, computer, writing, etc.) are available to students for additional, individual tutoring. Study hall is mandatory for players. Grade checks are performed 3 times per semester.
  • Chattanooga State classes are small. Instructors are friendly and helpful. Students receive individual attention as needed for success.
  • We emphasize completion of "meat-and-potatoes" courses that will transfer anywhere; provide the general education foundation for major fields of study; and allow smooth transition.
  • Players will miss very limited fall classes due to game-related travel. Spring classes will be missed as infrequently as possible. Individual class schedules will be designed to minimize academic interruption due to away games.
  • With the new addition of the Athletic Field house, the players have access to a fully equipped "study-hall" facility.

Athletic Information

  • Two seasons are emphasized: Fall and Spring
  • The fall season is divided into two parts: on-field practice and off-field practice.
  • On-field practice goes from the end of August through late October and will include scrimmage games and intra squad games(25-30).
  • Coaches will prepare bi-monthly rankings and at the end of the on-field practice portion of the fall season.
  • We recruit a smaller number of players than many programs. We are looking for great attitude and exceptional ability. We offer great playing time and a great learning environment - both on and off the field. We generally include 30-35 players on our roster. Once we have our players, we are done recruiting for the year.
  • Players will be placed in an “in season” lifting and arm care program immediately and be asked to work out anywhere from 3-4 times per week.  Goal is to increase strength, arm strength, speed and overall fitness.
  • Pitchers throw two days per week at minimum. Players will hit 2-3 days per week at minimum to tone their mechanics and make corrections. We have access to our "hitting barn" where hitters can go through station work.
  • We have made use of Blast Motion ( hitters ), Rapsodo ( pitchers and hitters ) and Synergy in the past in order to help with development. 
  • Final rankings of ALL players are made and distributed over the Christmas Break after the on-field and off-field practices are complete.
  • The spring season begins early in January as players return and pick up where they left off.
  • Season begins in early February. We try and play 56 games pursuant  to NJCAA rules excluding post-season play.
  • Conference games begin in early March. We play three-game series (one nine-inning game on Friday and two seven-inning games on Saturday).
  • We travel in and out of state on charter buses and vans.
  • There are nine other teams in our conference: Cleveland State, Columbia State, Dyersburg State, Jackson State, Motlow State, Roane State, Volunteer State, Walters State, and Southwest Tennessee Community College.
  • The conference winner will play the tournament winner from Georgia in a 2 out of 3 series for the right to go to Grand Junction, CO for the JUCO World Series.
  • We go to games in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama as well as other adjoining states.
  • The baseball field has gone through a HUGE renovation which includes new: dugouts, grandstands, pressbox, lights and surrounding areas up-grades.
  • Players receive annually such items as: jackets, pullovers, sweatshirts, shirts, hats, turf shoes, jerseys (with players' names), batting gloves and more.

Socialization Information

  • Emphasis placed on understanding that SCHOOL and BASEBALL come 1st and 2nd!
  • Athletic and Academic Scholarships are available.
  • Minimum standards for academic scholarships include a 2.9 high-school GPA and a 2.5 GPA while at Chattanooga State.
  • Awards are based on merit and are determined by the coaching staff.

Remember: We are only going to bring in (scholarship, non-scholarship ) those players who we feel can compete at this level for this program. Once we have satisfied that number of players we are finished recruiting for this year.

We want players that WANT to be at Chattanooga State!!