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The Communicator

About Us

Welcome to another great year at Chattanooga State Community College! Those of us on staff of The Communicator take our job very seriously and we look forward to sharing campus news with you this year. We feel that it's important that you know the staff, so here's a little bio about why we're here and who we are.

Communicator Online
The Communicator is Chattanooga State's official source for campus news and information. It is published monthly during the fall and spring semesters. You can find a copy of this award winning publication, on news stands located all over campus.

If you enjoy writing, photography or creating illustrations, then The Communicator could use you! Build your resume and become a published author, photographer or artist!


Student Benefits:

  • Student development opportunities
  • Resume skill building
  • CMA national convention opportunity
  • Scholarships to qualified students
  • Student publication competitions
  • Staff t-shirts
  • and more!

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