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Multicultural Services

Diversity Newsletter | Diversity Plan

Multicultural Services promotes diversity and inclusion throughout all levels of the campus community, which reflects the vision and mission of Chattanooga State and the Tennessee Board of Regents. We work collaboratively with Student Life, Student Government, various campus departments, and most clubs and organizations on campus to promote programs and events that engage the campus community by exploring the richness of diversity.

The office plans and sponsors many events such as the International Festival, cultural heritage months, and other cultural appreciation events.

Commitment to Diversity

At Chattanooga State, diversity is not just a "social imperative." Diversity and inclusion are not just words on paper. They drive the core values and goals of this institution. Diversity is about the strengths in differences and the genuine consideration given to inclusion in every aspect of campus life. Consequently, the college recognizes and celebrates diversity as one of our strengths.

Rather than obligating students to assimilate into the larger culture, diversity at Chattanooga State means acceptance, appreciation, and celebration of differences. That's why Chattanooga State views diversity and inclusion as an educational imperative that is essential to career preparation.

Chattanooga State is committed to maintaining an environment of open access to learning, and providing an enriched curriculum that celebrates diversity. In addition, Chattanooga State is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where both employees and students are valued, feel valued, and value their place within the college.

Multicultural Services

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