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Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

General Institutional Policies on PLA

Maximum limit for all forms of PLA credits:

Chattanooga State does not impose an overall limit on credit awarded by prior learning assessment.  However, to earn a degree or certificate from Chattanooga State, a substantial portion of your coursework must be earned here.  Consult your advisor for specific guidance.

Types of PLA offered:

Chattanooga State recognizes all types of PLA discussed on the BeginAgainTN “Types of PLA” web site.

These types of PLA generally fall into these categories:

  • College-level work done in high school (such as AP tests)
  • Nationally-recognized examination programs (such as CLEP)
  • College-level learning while in the military
  • College-level learning in the workplace
  • Learning documented by portfolio

Programs accepting PLA:

Once applied to the transcript, PLA may satisfy requirements in any program.  For questions regarding PLA's please review the PLA FAQs

Fees and other costs:

Your prior learning must be evaluated before it can be posted to your transcript.  There are fees to evaluate your prior learning, whether charged by Chattanooga State or by a third party agency.  Once your prior learning has been evaluated, Chattanooga State does not charge additional fees to post credit to your transcript.

Chattanooga State’s departments charge $100 to administer and evaluate a departmental challenge exam or for a faculty panel to evaluate a portfolio.

Other limitations that student's should be aware of:


Portfolio Assessment:

For general information about portfolio assessments, please see the College Handbook and the College Catalog.  For questions regarding portfolio assessment please review the PLA FAQs

Institutional Contacts for PLA:
Anne Carroll, 423-697-2603,

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