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Southern Collegiate Press

Southern Collegiate Press


Southern Collegiate Press (SCP) is dedicated to the publication of books written by professors, alumni and friends of Chattanooga State Community College,Chattanooga, Tennessee.


The number of genres accepted by SCP is limited only to the styles and disciplines of approved contributors. SCP is currently accepting manuscripts for publication. There are no publishing fees charged to the author for the service. Once an error-free, electronic manuscript is received, and approved, an author can expect a book to be finished and on the market in three to six months. Decisions on approval will be made by an editorial committee of the college chaired by the College President.


Southern Collegiate Press uses print-on-demand technology. Books are distributed by Ingram Book Company, the nation's largest book distributor. Books can be ordered in any quantity from one to thousands. Books are available for purchase at, amazon and through your favorite bookstore, including the bookstore at Chattanooga State.


While Southern Collegiate Press is not owned by Chattanooga State Community College, or the Chattanooga State Foundation. Nevertheless, SCP strives to accommodate the long-held traditions and academic standards of the institution. Foremost, it is the mission of Southern Collegiate Press to provide a publishing tool to help Chattanooga State community authors reach a worldwide audience.

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