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Training And Certification Programs for HR Professionals

JER Online provides online Training & Certification Programs for COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, ADA, OSHA, Retirement Plans,Payroll, and other regulatory areas with federally-mandated compliance requirements.

Written by industry experts and reviewed by Instructional Designers, each program includes numerous tips, examples, and recommended procedures, as well as interactive content to help ensure you are learning and in compliance! Searchable manuals and FREE updates whenever the laws change are also available to help keep you current. Individuals also earn PHR/SPHR re-certification credits, and may take an optional Test (at no additional cost) to earn a valuable "Certified Administrator" designation!


  • Individuals improve their knowledge and performance levels
  • Managers have a quick, easy, and trusted way to train key personnel in compliance-required areas
  • Programs help meet "ongoing training requirements" under Federal regulations
  • Programs qualify for eight hours of PHR and SPHR re-certification credits


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