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Softball Roster

2013 - 2014 Season
1 Cassidy Howren C 5-5 Adairsville, GA (US) Adairsville Freshman
3 Katy Richardson UTL 0-0 Chattanooga, TN (US) Girls Preparatory School Freshman
4 Baylee Williams MIF 5-2 Farragut, TN (US) Farragut Sophomore
6 Shanta McDaniel OF 5-5 Calhoun, GA (US) Calhoun Freshman
7 Elyse Ferguson OF 5-6 Dunwoody, GA (US) Dunwoody Sophomore
8 Lindsey Stickrod 3B 5-6 Oak Ridge, TN (US) Roane Co. Freshman
10 Emily Dagnan C 5-4 Jasper, TN (US) Sequatchie Sophomore
11 Izzy McCurry OF 6-1 Arden, NC (US) T.C. Robertson Freshman
12 Khadija Neely 3B 5-4 Roanoke, AL (US) LaGrange Sophomore
13 Courtney Crawford OF 5-6 Fort Oglethorpe, GA (US) Lakeview-Fort Oglethorpe Freshman
14 Layne Smith P 5-10 Elkmont, AL (US) Elkmont Sophomore
15 Hanna Manley P 5-4 Graysville, TN (US) Rhea Co. Freshman
16 Kelsey Thomas MIF 5-3 Jasper, TN (US) Marion Co. Sophomore
19 Syndey Sloan 3B 5-7 Benton, TN (US) Polk Co. Freshman
21 Sydney Spurgeon OF 5-6 Kingston, TN (US) Roane Co. Freshman
22 Shelby Willard P 5-8 Chattanooga, TN (US) Chattanooga Central Sophomore
24 Dana Horgan MIF 5-2 Fayetteville, GA (US) Fayette Co. Freshman
28 Sharlene Godoy P 5-7 LaPuente, CA (US) Mater Dei Freshman
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