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Admissions & Records Forms

Admission Application

This form is used for applying to the college. Admission Application

Application for In-State Residency

This form is required for any student needing to prove Tennessee residency for fee payment purposes. Please attach copies of supporting documentation.. Application for In-State Residency

Certificate of Immunization

All full-time students are required to demonstrate that they have been appropriately vaccinated against measles, mumps, and rubella(MMR) and chickenpox (varicella). Some exemptions may apply. Certificate of Immunization

Certification of Total Disability

This form is required for a student with total disability who is seeking a reduction of fees. Certification of Total Disability

Change of Personal Information

Change of Personal Information: This form is required to update personal information such as name, social security number, or date of birth. Appropriate documentation must be submitted with form. Change of Personal Information

Hepatitis B (required by students under 18)

All students under the age of 18 at the time of registration must submit this form with parent signature.Hepatitis B

Intent to Graduate Forms

Intent to graduate forms for each academic year (fall, spring, and summer) should be submitted by the end of October. Submission will initiate printing your diploma and posting your credential on your transcript. The transcript is the official record of completion and will be required for transfer and may be required for employment or job placement. Visit the graduation web page for forms and more graduation information.

Out-of-State Resident Employment Verification

Part-time out of state students may be eligible for an in state fee reduction if they work full time in the state of Tennessee. Out-of-State Resident Employment Verification

Transcript Request

Use this form to request a copy of your Chattanooga State transcript. Transcript Request

Change of Address

This form is required to change your permanent address, mailing address, and telephone number. Change of Address

Change of Major or Program

Use this form to officially change your field of study at Chattanooga State. An appropriate advisor must sign this form before being submitted. Change of Major or Program

Authorization to Release Academic Information to Parent/Third Party

In order to authorize others to inquire about an educational record, a student must submit this form with a copy of their photo ID. The authorization will remain in effect until rescinded in writing. Authorization

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