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BIT Featured Courses

Hospitality & Tourism Management Courses

HTM 101 - Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry: An overview of the basic dimensions of professionalism, customer service, sustainability, civic engagement, ethics, and the historical perspective that is integral to the hospitality and tourism industry. Students will also keep pace with current industry trends through lectures from executives of companies from food services, lodging, and tourism. (3 credit hours)
Monday 5:30-8:30 (CRN: 82303)

HTM 110 - Sanitation and Health in the Service Industry: This course introduces students to the food service component of the Hospitality and Tourism industry and explores food safety and other health related issues. Application of sanitation principles in restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, cruise ships, airlines, and international travel are covered. (3 credit hours)
Wednesday 5:30-8:10 (CRN:82304)

HTM 120 - Front Office Operations: This course guides students through the guest cycle clarifying the key operational issues involved in achieving guest satisfaction, emphasizing both technical and service issues. Students obtain an in-depth look at management of the front office and how this department interacts with other hotel departments to create a memorable guest experience. Topics include: human resource management, business forecasting, revenue management, and budget planning. Students will have an opportunity to take the AHLEI certificate exam for this course. (3 credit hours)
Thursday 5:30-8:10 (CRN:82305)

WESB 1000 Course

WESB 1000 – Professional Success Seminar – Join in on the fun with Chattanooga State’s brand new Professional Success Seminar class! This course was designed in partnership with the TLA and Roadmap Team. Although WESB 1000 is currently focused on the Business & Information Technology students, it is open to the entire campus as it may meet the needs of “undecided” students. This course will cover some of the following topics: resume development, exploring career opportunities, workplace ethics, working in teams, professional behaviors, information technologies at ChattState, and more!

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