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Hospitality Management Associate of Applied Science

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Proposed Catalog Description: Pending TBR approval

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Hospitality Management prepares graduates for entry into a wide range of management positions in the culinary, food & beverage management, lodging, and tourism industries. The program is designed with a strong emphasis on applied skills. Students are exposed to various sectors within the field through a curriculum that includes internships, theory, case studies, group projects, and electives. Graduates will be positioned for opportunities leading towards management positions through their degree and with experience gained in the industry. The program is comprised of four concentrations:

Hospitality Management Course Offerings for Spring 2015

HMGT 1030 Introduction to Hospitality Management                            3 Credit Hours

This course provides an orientation to the hospitality industry. This includes an introduction to the structure of lodging food service, and tourism organizations, the role of lodging departments, the future of the industry and career opportunities. Course structure includes lecture, projects, discussion, and guest speakers to learn about opportunities, trends and organizations in the hospitality field. This course has a writing emphasis and will require numerous small written assignments and a minimum of one project or a term paper for understanding and further study of the industry.

HMGT 1130 Supervision in the Hospitality Industry                               3 Credit Hours

This course is designed to teach students accepted supervisory principles and practice solving problems they may face on the job. Students will learn how to be prepared to juggle expectations of management, guests, employees, and governmental agencies. Students will have the opportunity to take the AHLEI certificate exam for this course.

HMGT 1140 Managing Housekeeping Operations                                  3 Credit Hours

The student receives instruction on what it takes to direct day-today operations of the Housekeeping department. Students will learn about important issues resulting from extensive recent changes to the hotel industry, including energy management, amenities/guestroom furnishings and human resources. Students will have an opportunity to take the AHLEI certificate exam for this course.

HMGT 1170 Hospitality Sales and Marketing                                          3 Credit Hours

This course is an introduction to the “four Ps” (price, product, promotion, and place) as they relate to specific market segments, providing them with a customer-focused perspective. Students will learn about the Internet’s increasing role in sales and marketing. Students will have an opportunity to take the AHLEI certificate exam for this course.

HMGT 1200 Managing Front Office Operations                                     3 Credit Hours

This course provides students with an in-depth look at management of the front office and how this department interacts with other hotel departments to create a memorable guest experience. The student will learn about human resources management, business forecasting, revenue management, and budget planning. Students will have an opportunity to take the AHLEI certificate exam for this course.

HMGT 1300              The Guest Experience                                                          2 Credit Hours

In this course students will learn the many aspects of exceptional customer service including; the benefits and barriers of great customer service, how to project a customer friendly image, how to measure customer satisfaction levels, and techniques for dealing with demanding customers.  Students will develop a personal action plan to improve customer service skills.

HMGT 1500  Regional Tourism                                                                  3 Credit Hours
Students will research the history and development of regional tourist attractions and exhibit basic knowledge and understanding of the role of tourism in promoting/supporting regional economic development.

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